York District Rally 2018

The York District Rally for 2018 will be Saturday February 24, 2018 10:00 AM—4:00 PM at Bethany and St. Paul’s UMC Red Lion, PA click here for directions

The event will begin at 10:00 AM with separate clergy and laity rallies

The laity rally will be held at St. Paul’s UMC. The keynote speaker for the laity rally is Kay Kotan. She is eager to meet and and network with many of our District laity.

Bag lunches will be provided to all who attend…

From 1:15 to 2:45, we will have a series of workshops led by Conference and District personnel on a variety of subjects listed below.

At 3:00 PM will we gather together for a time of worship to our Lord Jesus Christ with Bishop Park and Dan Stokes. This has been an awesome of music, sacrament and word.


Mass Choir – For those who like to sing, our Praise Leader Dan Stokes will be rehearsing a mass choir which will sing at the Praise Fest at 3pm. The music will be easy to learn and powerful!

SPRC training – Rev. Charlie Salisbury, York District Superintendent, will lead this workshop for those who would like to know how SPRC can be support for pastor and staff.

Trustee Training – Rev. Greg Myers, Assistant to the Bishop, will lead this workshop dealing with some of the questions/issues that Trustees frequently encounter.

Enough is Enough – Rev. Phyllis Bowers, Executive Director of the Stewardship Foundation, will lead this workshop. Ten years ago Adam Hamilton wrote that “if we ignore these (spiritual) lessons, within a decade our nation will be right back where we are today.” Let’s look at where our hearts are now and celebrate how and why we are a people still called by God. Discover deeper joy and simplicity with this new and updated look at Hamilton’s definitive book.

Identifying and Equipping Ministry Teams – Kay Kotan, Conference Director of Growing Effective Churches, brings a wealth of knowledge in helping congregations vision, equip and deploy for ministry. If your congregation needs some new insights, this workshop is for you.

Getting Unstuck: Helping Your Church Connect with the Community – Rev. Catherine Boileau will be leading this workshop. This is a practical seminar for ways to help an inward focused church move outward, as well as ideas for outreach and how to find those places where you can start connecting with your community in ways that transform people, both in and outside the church.

Holy Communion: Spiritual Nourishment for a Hungry World – Rev. Dr. Ken Loyer will take you through this sacrament. God feeds our souls as we celebrate and partake of the bread of life given for all. Together, we will explore the nature of this spiritual nourishment and what it means for the Christian life today.

Digital Communications and Marketing: How to connect your church to your community – Janelle Walker, Conference Associate Director Communication Ministry, will help you to learn some of the basics on how to use social media, email, and your website to reach your community and beyond. This workshop will include a brief overview on each medium, best practices, and a few shortcuts to quickly get started.

Conference Loan Fund – What’s New? – Lauren Hokamp, Executive Director, Conference Loan Fund, will lead this workshop. Is your congregation planning a capital fund project in the future? If you had an unanticipated large expense such as a roof, or furnace replacement, do you have a financial plan for this event? Come and hear the opportunities that may be available.

Pathways to Spiritual Leadership – Rev. Kevin Witt, Conference Director of Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries, is leading this workshop. We will explore the nature of spiritual leadership and avenues for engaging more people in new forms of leadership and ministry. Come delve more deeply into intentionality around identifying specific aspects of spiritual practice, core values, skills for leadership and hands on opportunities to grow in leadership that broaden the circles of Christ-like leaders in your congregation or extension ministry. We will look at some best practices and glean insights and encouragement from one another in shaping pathways of leadership.

The Basics of Video for Your Church – Shawn Gilgore, Conference Director Communication Ministry, will lead this worship. It will be an overview of techniques for filming video in order to tell a story. Learn how to develop a video from idea to final product. This worship will cover planning, storyboarding, proper filming techniques, and how to publish your video to your congregation and the greater community. No special equipment needed, other than a smart phone!

Workshop for Treasurers and Finance Personnel – Andra Haverstock, Conference Treasurer, and Kelly Cox, Pension and Benefits Officer, will lead this workshop on pastors’ benefits. This workshop will cover what your Treasurer/Finance committee needs to know.

Church Safety Workshop – In light of recent acts of violence against churches, is your congregation doing everything possible to protect yourselves against violent situations? It would be wise for congregations to send someone to hear the latest safety techniques.

Called to Disciple-Making – Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeider will be leading this workshop which will include; (1) the way of discipleship; (2) the shaping process; and (3) the workable outcome. This is the practical of how a church mission statement is used to make disciples for Jesus Christ.