Week 50

No one ever said faith would be easy. Last week we saw Paul sending letters all over the empire to churches struggling with questions, divisions, and differences of opinion.
This week, the letters of Paul just keep coming. Sometimes these letters are calling the believers on the carpet for abandoning their faith. At other times, Paul’s heart overflows with love and gratitude for the stamina and faithfulness of the churches. At times, he is correcting them. At other times, he is comforting them. Paul may wear
many hats out there on the road, but at the heart of it all, Paul is a pastor. Every pastor’s true job is to raise up other pastors to shepherd the flock. How exactly do you do that? What do we need to know before we assume spiritual leadership in Christ’s church? We have two letters that Paul wrote to his young friend Timothy, instructing him how
to lead. It is a ministry of prayer, teaching, service, and leadership. Timothy, who is young, is told to stand firm despite his age. You may not consider yourself a leader within your church, but we all represent Jesus in one way or another. Paul goes on to teach the kind of life that is necessary to represent Jesus. How does your life compare to the life that Paul wants for Timothy? Believe it or not, our journey is drawing to a close.. What has this journey through Bible meant to you? Has your faith changed from this experience? Would you do it again? What’s been the best thing about it? What’s been the worst? What changes to the program would recommend for future trips through God’s Word? Would you recommend this kind of yearlong trip to others? I can’t thank you all enough for your patience and prayers throughout this long year as this Coast-to-Coast journey took shape. But we are not yet finished. Hang in there! Revelation is just around the corner!
Keep reading and I’ll see you in the Bible!
WEEK 50 Reading Schedule:
Dec 10 Ephesians 4-6 Unity of Body of Christ, Christian Households
Dec 11 Philippians Joy and Encouragement in Christ
Dec 12 Colossians Encouragement in Suffering
Dec 13 1 Thessalonians A Life Pleasing to God
Dec 14 2 Thessalonians Christ’s Return and Judgment
Dec 15 1 Timothy Instructions to Spiritual Leaders
Dec 16 2 Timothy Further Teachings and Encouragement for Leaders