Week 43

We have met a most amazing person. Jesus is more than a prophet. He is more than a teacher. Not even His closest disciples knew who He truly was until after the crucifixion. Now that you have read the Gospel of Matthew, what do you think? Who is Jesus? What did he teach you last week? What does his death and resurrection from the dead mean to you? Don’t yet know? Want a little more time to think it over? No problem. The early Church knew that the story of Jesus is not easy to tell. There are many sides to this Jesus, and several different gospel writers did their best to capture and share the side of Jesus that fascinated them most! Matthew wanted us to know that Jesus was completely in step with the ancient Law and prophets. Mark has a different side to share with us!
Where did Jesus come from before his ministry began? Mark doesn’t seem to know. There are no angels, shepherds, or wise men at His birth. We do not meet His virgin mother. We know of nothing extraordinary about him when we first meet Him in Mark’s gospel. And that is exactly the point Mark wants to make. The Church has taught that Jesus is fully human and fully divine. He is 100% human and 100% God. Many of us adore Jesus’ divinity so much that we may overlook his humanity. Jesus is clearly the Messiah of Israel in Mark’s eye’s, but not in the far off cosmic visitor way. Jesus is a regular guy with a unique relationship to the living God of Israel. As you read Mark’s
Gospel, get ready to investigate Jesus’ human side. What does Jesus have in common with the rest of us? In Mark, He gets tired, angry, frustrated, and struggles with his calling from God. He even has to heal a blind man twice because the first healing didn’t quite take! Jesus seemed to be an ordinary guy used by God in an extraordinary way. Maybe God can use ordinary people like us, too! His disciples are given clues along the way to who Jesus really us, and by the end, resurrection changes everything! Enjoy your close walk with Jesus this week. See what you both have in common!
Keep reading and I’ll see you in the Bible!
WEEK 42 Reading Schedule:
Oct 15 Mark 1-3 Baptism of Jesus, the Twelve
Oct 16 Mark 4-5 Parables and Healing Miracles
Oct 17 Mark 6-7 Mission of the Twelve, Death of the Baptist
Oct 18 Mark 8-9 Death and Resurrection Predicted, Transfiguration
Oct 19 Mark 10-11 Wealth and Sacrifice, Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Oct 20 Mark 12-13 Teachings about Suffering and Things to Come
Oct 21 Mark 14 Betrayal, Arrest, and Denial