Week 39

It’s amazing how many times it happens. Israel is carried off as strangers in a strange
land. Their enemies conspire against them, threatening their very existence. Pharaoh tried to work them to death. Now Haman is trying to exterminate them. Yet, once again, God places Israelites in key positions in the royal courts. Joseph worked with
Pharaoh. Daniel and his friends worked with the King of Babylon. Now Esther and Mordecai are working with King Artaxerxes of Persia. Relying on God, Esther has rescued God’s People from certain destruction once again.
The exile is finally coming to end. More Israelites are returning home to Jerusalem. The prophet Isaiah announces that this return signals the beginning of a great blessing for the entire universe from God. But the big question now is how shall they protect themselves to keep this from happening ever again? At the urging of Nehemiah, they rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to keep out enemies who would love nothing better than to destroy Israel while she is still weak. But this is not the only wall needed. How shall the people protect themselves from the temptations of idols and foreign gods that had been their downfall for so long? Nehemiah begins to separate Israel from the rest of the world in order to help it get back on its feet. It is a matter of spiritual recovery. The covenant will once again be renewed.
Keep reading and I’ll see you in the Bible!
WEEK 39 Reading Schedule:
Sep 24 Esther 6-10 Esther Rescues her People
Sep 25 Ezra 7-10 Ezra Sent to Teach in Jerusalem
Sep 26 Nehemiah 1-5 Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Israel
Sep 27 Nehemiah 6-7 Wall Completed
Sep 28 Nehemiah 8-10 Covenant Renewed
Sep 29 Nehemiah 11-13 Separation of Israel from Foreign Influences
Sep 30 Psalm 126 Restoring the Fortunes of Jerusalem