Week 41

Jesus is born and living among us! But who exactly is this Jesus? Based on our reading so far through the Old Testament, Jesus is clearly a prophet, much like the prophets of old. He teaches, performs miracles, and calls the people of Israel into greater faithfulness with God the Father. But we are already getting the feeling that Jesus is more than just a prophet.
Jesus is claiming for Himself more than the title of prophet. He is also claiming the role of messiah. The Jewish idea of messiah is a deliverer anointed and raised up by God to accomplish God’s victory. For centuries, the Jews have looked forward to this deliverer who would free them from the foreign armies that oppress and occupy their land. Jesus, as he rides into Jerusalem appears to be claiming this role. But as He draws closer to Jerusalem, He also claims to be the Son of God as well. But Jesus does not take over the throne of Israel. By the end of this week, Jesus will be dead and buried, yet wild rumors are circulating that He has risen from the dead. Who is this Jesus really? Listen to Him as He teaches. Watch Him as He heals and performs miracles of compassion. Pay close attention as He debates with the Pharisees and scribes about the true meaning of the Kingdom of God. Follow Him to the cross and weep with those left behind after His death. But be prepared for what comes next. Even death itself is defeated by this strange and powerful prophet! Who is Jesus? You weigh the evidence this week and you decide.
Keep reading and I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 41 Reading Schedule
Oct 8 Matthew 15-17 Controversies about Jesus, Transfiguration
Oct 9 Matthew 18-19 Parables and Teachings
Oct 10 Matthew 20-21 Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem
Oct 11 Matthew 22-23 Confronting Scribes and Pharisees, Teachings
Oct 12 Matthew 24-25 Preparing Disciples for Days to Come
Oct 13 Matthew 26 Passover, Jesus Arrested
Oct 14 Matthew 27-28 Trial, Crucifixion, Resurrection of Jesus