Week 32

Jeremiah has continued to plead with the people of Jerusalem and Judah to turn
back to God before it is too late.
This it. It’s finally too late.
Jeremiah continues to call the people of Jerusalem to repentance, but they are not
listening. Even as the invading armies surround the city walls and lay siege, Jeremiah demonstrates his absolute trust in God’s protection by laying out the money to
purchase a field. Who would buy a field when you can’t leave the city to look at it?
Who would buy a field when he will most likely be dead soon? Someone who trusts
God, that’s who!

WEEK 32 Reading Schedule:
August 6
Aug 6 Jeremiah 14-17 Denunciations and Warnings
Aug 7 Jeremiah 18-22 The Potter and Clay, Persecution of Jeremiah
Aug 8 Jeremiah 23-25 Destruction and Captivity of Jerusalem Foretold
Aug 9 Jeremiah 26-29 Prophecy and Opposition, Letter to Exiles
Aug 10 Jeremiah 30-31 Restoration Promised
Aug 11 Jeremiah 32-34 Jeremiah Buys a Field During the Siege
Aug 12 Jeremiah 35-37 Jeremiah Imprisoned