Week 33

Isaiah worked with King Hezekiah when the Assyrians laid siege to Jerusalem and
God drove the invaders away. Nobody seems willing to work with Jeremiah as the
armies of Babylon creep closer and eventually surround the city.

Words fail to express what a momentous week we have ahead of us. Perhaps the
most momentous event since the fall of Jericho is just ahead! The much dreaded,
much anticipated destruction of Jerusalem has finally arrived! Babylon has been
moving in for the kill, and this week, the walls of Jerusalem will fall. The city will be
destroyed. Many will be carried off into exile to Babylon. Many will be left behind in the rubble to fend for themselves. In moments of sudden destruction, it is hard to make
sense of things. Despite the repeated warnings, despite the constant call of God
through the prophets, the people fail to repent and the city is destroyed. We are going to look at the Babylonian Exile from many perspectives in the weeks to come. The
first is through the eyes of Jeremiah who is left behind in the ruins. He and the
survivors are struggling to figure out what to do next. In the movie “The Poseidon
Adventure” a cruise ship is rolled over by a massive wave and sits in the water upside
down. Those that survive break up into groups as each decides what to do next. Theyargue over whether they should stay put, or travel upwards inside the capsized ship to the escape through the engine rooms. No one knows for sure what the best course ofaction would be and passions run high, each convinced the other is leading them to
certain death. Trust is in short supply in moments like this. Jeremiah and the other
survivors begin to argue what to do next. Many feel they should pack up and move to
Egypt. Jeremiah is instructed by the Lord to stay put. He urges them not to abandon
the land given to them by God, even though it is in shambles. Who shall we trust, God or Egypt? The mob wins and Jeremiah is dragged to Egypt, too. How will it all turn
out? You know the answer to that question by now….Keep reading, and I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 33 Reading Schedule:
Aug 13 Jeremiah 38-40 The Fall of Jerusalem
Aug 14 2 Kings 24-25; 2 Chronicles 36 Reign of Jehoahaz, Fall of Jerusalem
Aug 15 Habakkuk Babylon Condemned, Exile Reviewed
Aug 16 Jeremiah 41-42 Jeremiah Urges Survivors to Stay in Jerusalem
Aug 17 Jeremiah 43-44 Jeremiah Taken to Egypt
Aug 18 Jeremiah 45-46 Judgement on Egypt
Aug 19 Jeremiah 47-48 Grief Over Jerusalem’s Destruction by Babylon