Week 36

WEEK 36 Travel Guide
After what seems like an eternity of condemnation and bad news, things have arrived at their natural conclusion..
God has finally started to give us visions of hope! The valley of dry bones has
become a place of life and resurrection. Nothing is too far gone for God to repair and
renew! This week (finally) brings us to strange and beautiful visions of God’s temple in Jerusalem. God instructs how this temple is to be used in the future. Living water
flowing from this temple will give a refreshing and life-giving drink to the entire world.
This is good news, because in order to refresh the world through this temple, it must
be rebuilt first. God has plans for the future. God’s plans include Israel and her
Temple in Jerusalem. God will rebuild her broken walls. God will gather up the
scattered people and bring them home.

Keep reading and I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 36 Reading Schedule:
Sep 3 Ezekiel 22-23 Israel Shedding Blood, Oholah and Oholibah
Sep 4 Ezekiel 24-27 Siege of Jerusalem and Prophecy Against Neighbors
Sep 5 Ezekiel 28-31 Prophecies Against Egypt
Sep 6 Ezekiel 32-34 The Watchman
Sep 7 Ezekiel 35-37 Valley of the Dry Bones
Sep 8 Ezekiel 38-39 Against Gog
Sep 9 Ezekiel 40-41 Visions of The New Temple