Week 3

Week 3

Congratulations! You have just crossed your first state line on your coast to coast road trip through the Bible! We are finishing Genesis this week and beginning Exodus. Keep up the good work, setting aside a little time every day to read, and you will be amazed how the miles will roll by!

Last week, we met Abraham and his family. God promised to make them into a nation through which every nation on earth will be blessed. That is if they survive the endless problems threatening to cut them off completely! Barren wives, violent neighbors, fighting family members. They make it, with God’s help, but not without a little panic along the way.

At the end of Week 2, Jacob’s family is living the good life in Egypt, but this week things are going to change! There’s a new pharaoh in town who doesn’t know Joseph, and doesn’t like his family. The Hebrews are put in chains and are forced to work hard labor as slaves. God promised that they would be a big family, and they multiplied in Egypt. Now, the worse they are treated, they more numerous they become. Their harsh time of slavery becomes an incubator in which Israel grows by the thousands and becomes a nation, just as God promised. God’s nation is almost ready. It’s time to break free!

Keep reading, and I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 3 Reading Schedule:
Jan. 15 Genesis 43-45 Famine in the Land, Jacob’s Sons in Egypt
Jan. 16 Genesis 46-47 Jacob Arrives in Egypt
Jan. 17 Genesis 48-50 Jacob Blesses His Family
Jan. 18 Exodus 1-3 Slaves in Egypt, Birth and Call of Moses
Jan. 19 Exodus 4-6 Confronting Pharaoh
Jan. 20 Exodus 7-9 Hardened Hearts, Plagues
Jan. 21 Exodus 10-12 First Passover/Final Plague, Liberation