Week 19

Uriah-gate has just hit the front page of the Jerusalem times. David’s happy kingdom is teetering at the news, but the aftershocks of this earthquake are still being felt. Will David’s throne survive?

I’ve never been in an earthquake, but on TV they say the aftershocks can be just as dangerous as the original quake. In some ways they are more dangerous, because everything is broken and unstable after the first quake. A little tremor is all that’s needed to bring a crumbling house down into a heap of rubble. The House of David is never the same after the incident with Bathsheba. We mentioned earlier that while the Old Testament fails to condemn polygamy, the practice of multiple wives, it also fails to produce one positive example of where polygamy works as a healthy stable family. David has many sons and daughters with several women and it becomes a growing crack that divides the House. To make a shameful story brief and to the point, a son of David rapes his half-sister. The rivalries between David’s kids grows to include rape and eventually murder as David does very little to control the situation. Hands-off parenting breeds chaos!
A lot will happen this week, as this family division will eventually split the kingdom as David’s son Absalom seizes his father’s throne and plunges Israel into civil war. The war will end, and the sun will set on David’s reign. God does not bless this mess, but patiently waits it out, ready to begin again. God is so patient. I thank you for your patience as you keep reading through the strange political history of Israel’s kings. Do not let their bad example get you down, but keep asking yourself what similarities there are in their behavior and that of our leaders in our society today. What would you do if you were in their shoes? Perhaps you are being called to speak as a prophet in our times!

Keep reading! I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 19 Reading Schedule:
May 7 2 Samuel 13-15 Rape, Murder, and Rebellion
May 8 Psalms 3-4; 12-13; 28; 55 Psalms as David Flees Absalom
May 9 2 Samuel 16-18 Civil War: David vs. Absalom
May 10 Psalms 26; 40; 58; 61-62; 64 Psalms of Deliverance
May 11 2 Samuel 19-21 Reestablishing Peace, Famine
May 12 Psalms 5; 38; 41-42 Psalms of Healing and Deliverance
May 13 2 Samuel 22-23 David’s Last Words and Records