Week 1

Gas up the station wagon! We are about to begin the journey of a lifetime! But before we hit the road, let’s take a few moments to look ahead and make sure we are ready for this trip through the Bible. Consider for a moment: up to this point, what has been your experience with the Bible? For many, this will be our very first reading of the Bible ever. It is vital that a first reading not be done in isolation, but with the guidance of fellow believers. For many, it is read in worship and is the raw material of lots of sermons. For others, the Bible is read in Sunday School or Bible Study Classes, one section or story at a time. For some people, our only involvement in the scriptures was as a child in Vacation Bible School. We realize now that if we have not returned to these stories as adults, we may possess a simplistic, childish understanding of the Bible. 

Whatever our exposure, very few of us have intimately experienced the breadth, depth, and scope of God’s Word AS A WHOLE. That is how we will be reading God’s Word in the year to come: as a whole. We will be providing, not an in depth, verse by verse explanation of the entire Bible, but an introduction and an
overview. Our goals will be:To become familiar with the story of God’s work in the world through historyTo learn more about who God is by knowing what God doesTo gain a closer relationship with God by learning to hear God’s Voice speak through the scriptures everydayGod gave us one book to read, in which God’s purposes for Creation and our lives are revealed. When you die and reach heaven, and God asks you point blank whether you read it, what will you say? Did you have enough time? God gives the same amount of time to every person each day. Is God asking too much of us? Is this one book too much to read? What else have we read cover to cover? How many newspapers, magazines, comic books, movies and television shows have we polished off over the years? We can do this. Nothing is stopping us but ourselves. I will be with you every step of the way. I hope to see you all at the finish line, Revelation 21 on New Year’s Eve, celebrating the glory of God’s Kingdom yet to come. Fasten your seatbelts! Here we go!

WEEK 1 Reading Schedule:
Genesis 1-3 Creation and Fall of Humanity
Genesis 4-7 Genealogy to Noah
Genesis 8-11 Flood, Tower of Babel
Genesis 12-15 Call of Abram
Genesis 16-18 Hagar and Birth Ishmael
Genesis 19-21 Sodom and Gomorrah, Birth of Isaac
Genesis 22-24 Sacrifice of Isaac, Rebekkah