Wednesday, September 11, 2019

      In worship last week we listened to Ezekiel’s answer to the haunting question: “Can God be trusted?”  Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones being gathered together and blessed with new life was a message of hope for those in exile and it still speaks to us today.  Ezekiel’s story reminds us that we worship an amazing God who offers us transformation from dust to life.  Ezekiel’s story calls us to share our own stories and reasons for trusting God.   It was a blessing to me to be able to share a very personal story about one of the times that God gave me hope, proved to be trustworthy, and made a difference in my life.  I wonder…who needs to hear a word about God’s trustworthiness from you?  

            Next Sunday we will learn more about life in exile as we explore the book of Daniel.  I am excited to share biblical storytelling with you in worship!

       Let us mark this anniversary of 9/11 with prayer.  This prayer was provided by the Rev. Jeremy Pridgeon who is the District Superintendent of the Pensacola District of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference.


A Prayer for the Anniversary of 9/11

by the Rev. Jeremy Pridgeon

O God, our hope and refuge,
in our distress we come quickly to you.
Shock and horror of that tragic day have subsided,
replaced now with an emptiness,
a longing for an innocence lost.

We come remembering those who lost their lives
in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

We are mindful of the sacrifice of public servants
who demonstrated the greatest love of all
by laying down their lives for friends.
We commit their souls to your eternal care
and celebrate their gifts to a fallen humanity.

We come remembering
and we come in hope,
not in ourselves, but in you.

As foundations we once thought secure have been shaken,
we are reminded of the illusion of security.

In commemorating this tragedy,
we give you thanks for your presence
in our time of need
and we seek to worship you in Spirit and in truth,
our guide and our guardian. Amen.


Blessings on the rest of your week and see you in worship!


Pastor Erin