Week 23

Last week, we read much of the Wisdom of Solomon recorded in the Book of Proverbs. It was practical advice for everyday living.

With all that wisdom at his disposal (and a whole lot of power, too) it’s time to put it to work. The reign of Solomon begins with a bang. The banging of hammers, that is! After so much waiting, the Temple is finally being built. As Solomon builds out of stone, cedar wood and gold, you can’t help but think back to the day Moses was instructed to build the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was a tent that could be moved from place to place. It was a symbol of God’s continuing Presence with Israel no matter where they went. Now, with God’s blessing, a temple is built that will not be moved. There’s a promise in that, too. This is Jerusalem, the capitol city of the promised land of Israel. No more wandering. No more pulling up stakes and moving from place to place. God promises what most people desire: security. God and God’s people have decided to put down roots. Notice that God makes this promise quite clearly, as God and Solomon renew the covenant yet again. God’s not going anywhere. In this day and age of constant change, it’s nice to have something that stays the same. Even though this temple no longer stands in Jerusalem, God is still with us. That will never change. God’s not going anywhere!

Keep reading! I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 23 Reading Schedule:
Jun 4 1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3 Solomon Builds the Temple
Jun 5 1 Kings 7; 2 Chronicles 4 Solomon Builds His Palace
Jun 6 1 Kings 8; 2 Chronicles 5 Dedication of the Temple
Jun 7 2 Chronicles 6-7; Psalms 136 Prayer of Dedication
Jun 8 Psalms 134; 146-150 Psalms of Worship, Jerusalem, Glory
Jun 9 1 Kings 9; 2 Chronicles 8 God’s Covenant With Solomon
Jun 10 Proverbs 25-26 Wisdom of Solomon