Habakkuk:  A Banned Book

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sermon:Habakkuk:  A Banned Book

Our Scripture focus was Habakkuk 1-2

Our takeaways were to:

  • Read Week 34 of Coast to Coast readings.
  • CONNECT with the emotionally raw prayers of the prophet Habakkuk.
  • DISCOVER God’s promise of deliverance from injustice.
  • SERVE victims of injustice with the compassion of God.
  • Pray:  God help me to rely on you so that I can rejoice in you at all times.

“Habakkuk reminds believers centuries later how important it is to keep on believing in a God that will bring deliverance. This unflinching belief in God’s ability to make an end to violence is precisely the reason why the book Habakkuk was banned in Nazi Germany — the idea that God will end unjust power was considered too dangerous to be tolerated.”  Juliana Claassens Professor of Old Testament at University of Stellenbosch, South Africa