Not Buckets

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Scripture:  Acts: 1:1-12

Sermon:  Not Buckets

Don’t settle for being a bucket when you are promised a mighty river of living water that springs forth from the heart.  May you be filled with the love and grace of God so that you can pour yourself out for others as Jesus Christ did for the Kingdom of God.

Our takeaways were to:

  • Read Week 47 of Coast to Coast readings.
  • CONNECT with the blessings of God.
  • DISCOVER why you are not a bucket.
  • SERVE by pouring yourself out for others.
  • Pray for the volunteers who will transport our shoebox gifts and the children who will receive them.

“God put a million doors in the world for His love to walk through;

one of those doors is you.” 

— From “Every Act of Love” by Jason Gray