Closure due to COVID-19

UPDATED 3/25/20

A Message From Pastor Erin

Emory Friends,
As I’m sure you expected, we are making more changes to our schedule at Emory in order to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our church members and community.   Due to more stringent recommendations from the White House, Gov. Wolf, our bishop, and district superintendent, we will extend the cancellation of all activities and worship services at Emory through April 4.  I share the same sentiment that Gov. Wolf expressed today in his statement that we must take a measured approach to this epidemic.  We will not do less than what is needed and we will not do more than what is needed.  Future decisions about our ability to gather for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter services will be made as the situation is carefully monitored over the coming week.

What we are experiencing now is unusual and uncomfortable, but it is not more than we can endure.  The Church has endured all kinds of challenges in its history. It has endured through persecution, famine, natural disaster, economic downturn, and even plague. God is with us, for us, and will see us through these strange times. 

There are many aspects of worship we can continue to practice.  This Sunday, you can visit Emory’s website to DISCOVER resources to help you worship from home.  Let’s rely on our prayer chain to keep us CONNECTED in prayer for and with each other.  I encourage you to email your joys and concerns to me ( and they will be shared with the prayer chain.  To continue in stewardship and SERVING the Lord by making an offering, you can mail your tithes and gifts to the church at 35 Center Square, New Oxford, PA, 17350. 

If you are in need of pastoral care, please contact me on my cell phone at 717-542-4957.  If you need help with picking up groceries, running errands, picking up prescriptions, please do not hesitate to ask for that help from your Emory family.  Reach out to your church friends and neighbors during this time of increased isolation.  Check on each other, stay in touch, support each other.  This is an opportunity for us to prove that our church exists beyond our building.

God’s peace be with you,

Pastor Erin

Original Post 3/15/20

Emory UMC’s Response to Coronavirus Concerns

We believe God has called us to live wisely in this world.  This means we will not be driven by fear, but we will take into account the health and well-being of others.  Bishop Park and Governor Tom Wolf have advised churches to partner with the effort to practice social distancing and make the infection curve of this virus mild.  Here at Emory, that means we will not be gathering for the next two weeks.  All rehearsals and group meetings are canceled from March 16- 28.  We will not gather for Sunday School or our Worship Service on March 22.  Alternative worship will be offered—Please see details below.  We will make this sacrifice in compassion for the safety of others.  Our building may be empty for a number of days, but God is still with us and we are still the Church even when we are not gathered. Please pray for the hurting world as we put our hope and trust in our God who cares and heals.

Alternative Worship offered Sunday, March 22, 2020

Lent Week 4
“Finding Your Power: Listening for Healing”

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As an alternative to gathering in our building, you are encouraged to participate in worship from home.  Pastor Erin will be making personal phone calls for spiritual conversation and a time of prayer.  Follow the instructions below to participate.

Our abundance of caution is a sacrifice we can make to care for others around us and around the world.  Let’s look at this inconvenience of not being able to gather together next week as a gift.  Let’s ask what this experience can teach us.  We may be canceling our service; but we are not canceling worship or Church.  This is an opportunity for us to be creative and faithful and compassionate.  Let’s embrace it!


Do you want to engage in a special time of prayer with Pastor Erin on Sunday, March 22?

Text your NAME to 717-542-4957

 Expect a call during the hours that Emory is typically gathered on Sunday

(between 9AM and 12PM)