Week 27

Jehu has taken down the evil King Ahab and his detestable wife Queen Jezebel, but things do not improve immediately. What began as the return of justice turns quickly into a bloody reign of terror as the killing of Jehu’s enemies (Ahab’s supporters and descendants) reaches epic and horrific proportions! . The reason given for all of this was “religious purity” purging Israel of the kings and families that encouraged the worship of Baal for so many generations. But it doesn’t take long until the blood bath reveals its truest reward: and uncontested throne as all the rivals are dead. Of all the treasures humankind cherishes most, power stands head and shoulders above it all. Jehu does claim to destroy the enemies of the God of Israel, but in the end, it is Jehu who reigns in Israel, not God.

The king sat at the top of fashionable society and was the kingdom’s chief trend setter. If the trend was warming up to Egypt or Aram instead of God, then everyone wanted to look like an Egyptian. If the trend was to worship idols and sacrifice on foreign altars rather than to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then so be it! But God is not pleased. Israel uses the same lame excuse employed by millions of kids over the years: “everybody’s doing it!” That one works on God about as well as it works on parents! There were plenty of Israelites who knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they didn’t want the harassment of their neighbors for being different. The prophets stand out! God has much to say through the prophets this week. Foreign idols are everywhere in Israel and Judah. We will follow Jonah as God calls Israel’s enemy Nineveh to repentance. We will hear Isaiah speaking truth in the halls of power. We will meet Amos, through whom God seems to condemn everybody! Hang in there gang! We are in for a bumpy ride that will not end any time soon!

Keep reading! I’ll see you in the Bible!

WEEK 27 Reading Schedule:
Jul 2 Jonah Jonah Sent to Nineveh
Jul 3 2 Kings 15; 2 Chronicles 26 Azariah, Jotham of Judah, Coups in Israel
Jul 4 Isaiah 1-4, Psalm 43 Oracles in the time of King Uzziah of Judah
Jul 5 Isaiah 5-8, Psalm 44 Song of the Unfruitful Vineyard, Injustice
Jul 6 Amos 1-5, Psalm 45 Condemnation of Israel and Her Neighbors
Jul 7 Amos 6-9, Psalm 127 Warning, Destruction and Restoration
Jul 8 2 Chronicles 27; Isaiah 9-12 Jotham of Judah, Visions of Ideal Kingdom